Contact Us

We invite you to visit our chapter. We meet every Thursday from 7:00am (arrive as early as 6:45am) until 8:35am at the San Rafael Elks Lodge. Please use the form below to contact our current President so we’ll be prepared to provide the proper welcome.

Where Do I Park?

The Elks Lodge: Follow the driveway up and around the building. This is the preferred parking lot for visitors and guests.

Mission Street parking lot: Located directly across from the main Elks Lodge exit.

San Rafael City Hall parking lot: Located in front of City Hall (running alongside Mission Street toward the Library). On the Western end of the lot, park in the spaces that say 2-Hour Parking from 9-11am (do NOT park in the Permit B spaces or the Reserved for the Mayor space).

Falkirk Mansion: Located next door to the Elks Lodge. Park in the area that’s closest to Mission Street.

A request: Anyone who is willing and able to park in the lot across the street from the Elks Lodge, please do so. For those with mobility concerns, it’s an easier walk from the lot to the front door of the Elks Lodge, than down the hill located at the back of the Elks Lodge.

Have a Question for our Chapter President?