Open BNI by the Bay Categories

Although BNI allows only one member per business category, we encourage you to visit because we believe in both/and rather than either/or. This Givers Gain attitude provides our members even more opportunities for quality referrals. Often the best source of referrals can come from your competition, so come meet the people who share your business category. You might find that there is a professional who focuses on a specialty within your category which could allow you to develop a strong ‘Power Partner.’ Plus, BNI By The Bay’s sister chapters share open categories, so if our chapter is not a fit, we could refer you to a chapter that IS a fit.

The current open categories include:

  • Veterinary

  • Estate Planner

  • Window Manufacturer

  • Plumber

  • Dog Walker

  • Auto Dealership

  • Event Planner

  • Landscaper Designer

  • Social Media Pro